Ringwood Horse and Pony Club (Est 1962)

The Ringwood Horse and Pony Club was formed, with a meeting of thirty interested people at the home of Mr and Mrs Frank Legge of Wonga Road, Ringwood, in February 1962, where a group of sixteen children and their ponies had been meeting each fortnight for mounted games and instruction.

In these early years, the area around Ringwood was mainly farmland, and most of the riders rode their horses to the club grounds, keeping them in paddocks nearby. Those early years were the hard years, during which time the members built up a the club. By 1982 it had a riding membership of an unbelievable ninety-six riders with twelve more on the waiting list.

In 1962, We Had a Dream

Life was simple, clothes were cheap, and ponies could ride in Kombi Vans.

1990 – New Clubhouse built

If we build it they will come. Kids and their Ponies came from far and wide, dragging along  their Mum & Dads.


We had high hopes of winning the state championship, one day…


In 2010 we obtained a 10-gallon drum for outside fire to keep spectators warm on those cold winter mornings, we could not afford the 44-gallon drum as all of our fundraising money was spent on the new posh stables.   The dads are so proud, especially the ones with office hands.