Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, If you are unsure about joining you can ride at one rally as a ‘come and try’ option, which costs $20 for the day. Just let the club know (Contact) that you plan to attend, as a Come and Try, prior attending.

You can join by filling in the Ringwood Horse and Pony Club membership form (RHPC Membership Form),  for a full breakdown of annual fees please visit our Membership page. Here too you will find all the other forms that are required, or you can be downloaded them from PCAV websites:

  1. Application for membership (for the respective year)
  2. Liability, Release and Indemnity
  3. Participant’s Agreement
  4. Member Protection Declaration

Each year, membership expires and rather than being automatically ‘renewed’ a full new application is required by all.

Children under the age of 18 must have at least one parent/carer join with them.  Once your fees have been paid, your details are passed onto PCAV and you will receive a membership card.


Unfortunately, RHPC does not own horses for members to ride, so having a horse of your own is necessary.  Your horse may be owned, leased or borrowed.  If you are considering this option, you should firstly discuss this with the Club’s DC before joining.


Yes, there are some items that are essential for riding at Pony Club –

  • PCAV approved helmet
  • Short riding boots (if you are under 16 or long boots for over 16)
  • Medical Armband

All  gear must be safe, and correctly fitting and without any defects such at loose stitching or cracks in the leather and conform to the PCAV rules. The club requires you to wear the Pony Club uniform –for more details you can discuss this with the club DC.


Yes. You are welcome and encouraged to participate in the scheduled meetings. Committee meetings are held monthly if you are not on the committee and would like to attend a meeting you need to contact the club President before attending.

There are 5 Executive Management Committee (EMC) positions including the District Commissioner and several General Management Committee (MC) positions including various Coordinator roles. All committee positions are automatically vacated at the Club’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Please feel free to nominate for either an EMC position or other MC role at the AGM.  It is only with the coordinated assistance of everyone that the RHPC can have a rich and fulfilling schedule of events to meet the needs and expectations of all its members.


There are two components to your annual membership fee. One component is the PCAV set fee to cover insurance, administration and indemnity costs. The other component is used for the upkeep of the Ringwood Horse & Pony Club.


All information regarding this topic can be found on the PCAV website.


Rally Days are the regular, non-competitive yet structured sessions for riders and are run by the Club’s Instructor/s. They can be held twice monthly on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month – there is usually no rally on a public holiday or school holiday weekends. A Rally Day is usually held either for a whole day, starting at 9.45am and finishing approx. 3pm.

On rally days a variety of activities are organised by the instructors, ranging from instruction periods in sporting, jumping, dressage, games, cross country and Certificate work.

Riders are separated into groups based on their current ability and age when starting pony club the DC will discuss this with you to ensure you receive the best instruction for you and your horse. Riders are constantly assessed and will change groups depending on their ability; this helps to maximise your safety and ensures you get the most out of rally days.


The term “event” refers to the complete meeting or fixture under the control of an Organising Committee.  An Official Event is one which is approved by PCAV Management Committee. These can include shows, Show Jumping, Horse Trials, Dressage, Games and Combined Training events. At most events, you will need to be graded by your club DC to make sure you are competing at the correct level. At some events, performances are considered for selection purposes for qualifying for State Events. Riders can compete from any age (for horse trials you must be 8 years old) until they turn 26 years and are riding a horse with an appropriate performance card, are eligible to compete.


A clinic is usually run for the club members, but other club members can be invited to participate if numbers are required.

An instructor is normally paid to run the clinic, and the members are normally required to pay a fee to participate, this fee is determined by the instructor’s costs.

The clinic normally concentrates on one discipline, e.g.  Showjumping and the instructor will be specifically qualified in this discipline.

Clinics are normally held over 1 – 2 days and are run on a group basis. Riders are grouped according to ability.

Clinics can be very advantageous giving the opportunity to members to gain much experience and knowledge over a couple of days at a reasonable cost.


Only if you want to. RHPC holds regular Rally Days and an annual camp, Show and Dressage Day. If you or your child is working on gaining Proficiency Certificates, then participation in a variety of designated PCAV events is highly recommended. These are held throughout the Zone, and you will need to organise for your horse to be transported to the hosting clubs grounds.


Many individuals and families started out in Pony Club with only the basics. In the beginning, you may only want to participate in Rally Days, Events and Clinics that are within riding distance from where your horse is kept. Over time, you may meet others who have room in their horse float, and you may be able to make arrangements for them to transport your horses to other events. But please be aware that loading and floating someone else’s horse is a huge commitment, and not everyone is willing to undertake this challenge. It is possible to hire horse floats through local truck hire companies.



General Forms & Documents

The following documents are attached for your general use